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Outland Session

Are you tired of feeling lonely? Those lousy dating apps are no longer helping you find your soulmate! Look no further, I am hosting 3 Outland Sessions from January through February 2023. 

That's right, I will be your matchmaker. Allow me to help you find your soulmate in a different way. I mean, after all, you've already tried other methods and it has not worked. 


Listen Up! These stranger sessions are packed with so many goodies. 


Stranger Session Includes: 


- Matching you with a potential candidate (all of the search will be on us)| An extensive questionnaire will be provided for you and the candidate to make sure we are matching correctly
- A 60 minute stranger session | It will take place in a public place and will end in an intimate location by Intimates by Karina that will be provided by us
- Professional Hair and Make Up | We want to bring out the best features and everything you love about yourself 

- Personal Styling | We will help you design this shoot to look your best so you can feel your best. 

-  A Date | This date will be on a separate day from the stranger session and activity and dinner will be paid for by Intimates by Karina so you can get to know each other better  

- Image | You'll receive your favorite image from this session as a digital image  

- Pose Coaching | Not a posing expert? Don't worry we don't expect you to be! ;) Leave that to us. You will be directed and coached from head to toe throughout the session. 

- Interview | You will be interviewed and featured on our blog to share your experience 

- A Full Couples Session | We will be following up on how the stranger session turned out for you -- knowing that we did a good job we are giving you and your new significant other a full couple's session on us to celebrate your love life 

What does it cost? 

Whoa! That's a lot of stuff, right?! All of the goodies above are valued at over $3000, but for being selected for this program, you'll receive this exclusive promotional package for only $800. Financing is available.  


After the stranger session you have the opportunity to view your final images the same day! Pretty neat! You'll select your favorite image to be featured on the blog and if you'd like to take home additional images, $300 from your session fee will apply to your selected collection! 

What's in it for me?

-You get to meet your soulmate and share your story with other women. 

-You don't have to continue to search for your soulmate that is all on us. 

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