12 Reasons Why Should Have A Boudoir Session

A boudoir session is for every woman that wants to feel empowered, that is seeking self-confidence and because she just wants to!

I have written below 12 reasons why you should have a boudoir session!!!

1. First one is a milestone. I have clients that come in for a boudoir session for the 30th, 40th, 50th even 100th birthday!! What a better way to celebrate your birthday feeling confident and loving yourself on such a special day which is your birthday!!

2. F*ck Cancer: I've had clients that beat f*cking cancer to the curb and are celebrating that they did it!! That they beat it and are grateful to be here and living their best lives!!

3. Divorce - What a great way to celebrate a divorce by burning the dress down. This such an amazing reason to let go of the past and a relationship by celebrating you and your worth and what an amazing woman you are!! Feel empowered babe!!!

4. On the flipside, celebrate your wedding and being a newly bride by gifting something for your special someone as well as yourself!!

5. Weight journey. What a great way to celebrate how far you've come along whether that is a losing or gaining weight. It should be celebrated through empowerment and loving the person you have become of loving yourself and showing of how hard you've worked to have your body how you wanted and love every inch of you.

6. A mother to be. As women our body does so many amazing things and one of them is growing a tiny human inside. How amazing and badasses are we that we create life!!! Let's celebrate this phase of your life!! For some moms they are surrogates moms, for others it is their rainbow baby they have been waiting for all along, for other women that have been waiting so long for that baby to latch on whether that'd be through IVF or taking medicine to get there, and for others they are wanting to add another member to their family. I want you to see and love your body for what it is and super body!! Let's celebrate this for you for your baby!!!

7. Self confidence. A lot of women are seeking that self confidence that self love for the very first time or again. We make everyone a priority in our lives because that's what we do as women. It is our nature to do this. But for once do something for yourself. Learn to love yourself for the very first time or again. A boudoir session is the perfect way to bring out the goddess within!! It's time for self-confidence to come back!!!

8. It's your anniversary!! Congratulations!! We love couples and celebrating their love! It takes a lot to be married and you want to gift your significant other something special and unique. What better way to do that then with a boudoir session! This will have your spouse's mouth dropped to the floor but also giving you the confidence and the pampering that you so well deserve and putting yourself first for once too!! Such a great gift for you both on your anniversary!!

9. Momma needs mommy time. You are a mom and all the loads of being a mom are usually on you whether you're married or a single momma. That is a huge load trying to take care of yourself while maintaining the household, the kids, and all other obligations afloat. It's time to make yourself a priority!! Momma needs to feel like a woman and she's more than a mom!! Let's get you in for the boudoir session of your life!! Unleash that inner Goddess!!

10. I'm single and loving it!! Woohoo babe!! Way to go!! Let's celebrate that you are single and loving this fun loving stage of your life because you deserve it!! Knowing that you don't need anyone or have to have anyone to celebrate YOU!! To fall in love with yourself all over again and again as you do things that make you happy and confident!!!

11. Just because. Do something for you just because! Don't wait for the perfect moment or an excuse or reason why you should book a boudoir session!! I am here for you to celebrate YOU!! To pamper you and help you see what a queen you are that needs to let herself see her too!! The reason you should book a boudoir session is because you can, because you want to, JUST BECAUSE!!

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