The Importance of Self Love

What does self-love mean to you? It means to love YOU for who YOU are despite anyone else’s beliefs on you. Or perhaps you never knew that you could love yourself and that’s okay. I am here to help you understand what it is to love yourself FIRST!

As women we do a lot. We were given the gift to look out for others and love others first before us. As a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur we tend to overlook self-love and care for ourselves first. We engrave it in our mind to feel guilty for trying to take care of ourselves first before anyone else. Anyone else? You heard right; anyone else. It is our duty to take care of us and love ourselves first.

Self-love is something you weren’t born with but you practice daily until you master it. Self-love is so important to every woman in this world!

The benefits of self-love:

- It heals wounds.

- It opens doors to self-forgiveness and self-growth.

- Self-love makes you see you in a whole different way with love and support.

- It makes you understand that you are worthy; that you are beautiful!

Your brain is such a powerful organ. Your brain believes everything you feed it whether it’s positive or negative. Make sure that you always feed it self-love! Feed it confidence! Feed it self-growth!

This boudoir session will grow your self-love for YOU!!

Love yourself above anyone else!!

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