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This for YOU!!

Most women start this journey as wanting to gift this to their significant other and there is no wrong in this. The truth is that this whole experience is for you to cherish and embrace your inner beauty!

The majority of the time we think of others, we tend to perhaps please others, buying things for others, pamper others, love others, and the list goes on. And the fact is that we tend to put ourselves in the back of priorities. This i

s just who we and we all are guilty of this at some point in our lives.

However, boudoir is such a powerful experience that I would love for you to enjoy the experience for YOU! Why do I emphasize on this so much? Because when we do this as a gift for others our brain is programmed to “please” our significant other. Again, there is nothing wrong with this. We all love for our significant other to like what we do for them. However, during the session you are not fully connected to what this whole experience is about.

Well, what is this whole experience about you may wonder? It is:

1.To reconnect with yourself.

2.To feel comfortable with yourself.

3.Being you.

4. Embracing your beauty.

5.To feel confidence in yourself.

6.To know what a powerful woman you are and will continue to always be.

7. To reassure you that being a female, a mom, a wife, a girlfriend (whatever it is) that you are doing it flawlessly well.

Do this for YOU, beautiful!!

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