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Travel Locations and Dates

My passion is to travel. I love meeting new people and learning new cultures. 

And I have several of places in mind that I have been wanting to visit. But I also have many women from all over the United States that have been dying to book a session with me but distance has been an issue for them. Well not anymore!  

Have you been interested in a boudoir session with me but believe you can't do one because I am far away?

Anyway, here are my travel location and the months are locked in. The dates are not set in stone just quite yet but in December I will have the time to sit down and actually have dates set.

Here are the travel locations as follows:


January: Sebastian, Florida (Orlando, Florida) Martin Luther King Jr. weekend (ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT)

February: Venice, Italy February 9-16 2023

March: nothing yet but can always add things

April: Washington, DC April 21-23

April Retreat: Charlotte, NC April 28-29

May: Billings, Montana 

June: Mt. Rushmore - Keystone, SD June 16-18

July: Lima, Peru

August: Nashville, TN

September: nothing yet

October: South Korea

November: nothing yet

December: nothing yet


Other locations I will be visiting that I still have not decided when I am going is New Jersey, and Arkansas.

****There are no more excuses as to why you can't book a session. It is time to select what month you want to book your session.


For inquiries please click here and let's get you in the books these slots will fill up super quick!!

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